It’s Burlesque!

House of Blues
8:00pm (Doors at 7pm) and 11pm (Door at 10:30pm)

Reserved Seating (tables, single chairs, balcony bench seats) & General Admission (standing room) No flash photography allowed during show.

TICKETS HERE for 8PM show  11PM show

Master of Ceremonies THE DIVINE DANNY D (Montreal, CANADA) steps off his perch in heaven to bring to you his melodious tones, his charming wit and this sandwich. Hope you like olives. He is the hottest burlesque host in Montreal where he MCs the weekly variety show Voix de Ville as well as many many of the shows at The Wiggle Room. He is also one half of driving force behind the highly successful company, Sitcom Burlesque with his partner Elle Diabloe. Join him as he brings to you the hottest shows in his truly intoxicating manner. By the end not only will you be glad you came, you’ll want to move in and never leave. That’s ok, he brought plenty of sleeping bags and a bunch of marshmallows. See you in your dreams!
Holly’s Good (Rome, Italy) is a stage name derived from the famous film character Holli Would from Ralph Bakshi’s Cool World. Holly’s Good studied classical dance for three years. In 2008, she received a diploma in classic and modern dance. Discovering burlesque was a new and unique way to explore her femininity and her body, and combine it with the grace of dance. She is inspired by the golden age of burlesque, and loves the classic tease! In 2017, she was a part of Albadoro Gala’s Professional Laboratory. In 2018, she won the Newcomer’s award at the Caput Mundi Burlesque Festival, and was featured in the documentary The Bare Naked Truth.
Charmine DeuxPly (Austin, TX) is a singer, dancer, and actress unsatisfied with the weak, thin roles she kept encountering. After an illustrious career playing bimbos and floozies in various states of undress, Charmine decided to take control and take it off her way. Charmine is inspired by double ply toilet paper, a roll that is strong, luxurious, and satisfying. She creates acts that layer humor and tease for a DeuxPly experience of pleasure and fun. Charmine studies at the Austin Academy of Burlesque and was selected to perform in the 2018 Texas Burlesque Festival.
Kerri N’Fuego (Las Vegas, NV) This Former Ice skater turned Professional pole and tease artist will knock you out of your seats.
Toni Tabasco (Dallas, TX) is an award-winning aerialist as well as a burlesque performer. Besides appearing regularly at venues in DFW, she has appeared at the London, Oklahoma City, New Orleans (2017), and Prague Burlesque (2018) festivals.

The Foxy Lexxi (Montreal, Canada) Behold and ready yourselves to fall in love with The Foxy Lexxi , the beautiful bombshell of Montreal is the epitome of elegance and sensuality . The Foxy Lexxi and her ebony charms have graced the boards of many international bars and theaters, and performed with several burlesque icons. Her experience and natural talent are felt at first glance. Published several times, and recently crowned 2018 Miss Viva Las Vegas, this modern pin up has a very unique and versatile style that goes from the classic pin up burlesque, to the femme fatale and fearsome dominatrix in latex dress. Her lush performances will light the room on fire and her cruel curves and mesmerizing looks will certainly warm you up.

Kay Sera (Baltimore, MD) Whether turning a trope on its ear, poking fun at societal norms or playing up on pop culture, 21st Century Burlesque calls Kay Sera, “…an imaginative and memorable performer.” Burlesque Beat says, “…her gaze and smile dictate the crowd’s response.” And world-famous emcee Scotty the Blue Bunny proclaimed, “She is f*cked up!” She believes in putting her glitter where her mouth is (literally and figuratively), and as the lead producer and instigator with Baltimore’s Bawdy Shop Burlesque, runs a regular class series and student showcase. She also created the “Be SomeBawdy” scholarship program to encourage and support new burlesque students, particularly performersof color, individuals from the LGBTQIA community, and those with disabilities.
Champagne Splitz (Seattle, WA) combines the tragic and dramatic with the whimsical and unexpected, creating a Neo-Burlesque style she calls Tragic Absurdism. The burlesque stage has given “The Saddest Showgirl” a place to express the deep ennui that plagues her soul– as well as, paradoxically, her irreverent sense of humor. As Champagne always says, “If I wasn’t crying, I’d be laughing.”
Eva Mae Garnet (San Diego, CA) has been performing for audiences around the world since 2010. She is one half of the duet and production team, Whiskey and Fuego, and runs a monthly show in San Diego called Burlesque Boogie Nights. She was 2nd runner up in the 2015 Miss Viva Las Vegas Competition, and was named “Most Classic” at the 2017 Arizona Burlesque Festival. Known for her energy and sensuality, she has earned herself the tagline of, “The Feisty Fuego.”
Bessie Bouttè (New Orleans, LA/Oklahoma City, OK) She’s a native Oklahoman who floated down the river to New Orleans where she fell in love with the strip tease art of Burlesque. They call her Bessie Bouttè ‘cuz she’s got the best boo-tay. After years of kittening and working behind the scenes she started here career here in New Orleans with Bad Girls of Burlesque. Now she appears in local New Orleans productions, national festivals and splits her time in Oklahoma City were she produces “Terre Rouge Burlesque.” This bearcat is a choice bit of calico with vintage flair and classic style.
Bo Toxique (Los Angeles, CA) As a former club dancer from the 1990’s who always wanted to “do burlesque,” she didn’t have the resources to study or perform the art form. Instead, Bo Toxique followed the fold, got a boob job and a tan to keep from starving to death. After being fired from her stripping job for fighting for women’s/ workers’ rights, she took that grit, sex appeal, and a touch self-deprecating humor, moved to Los Angeles and was finally able to start her sparkly dream.
Blaze (Dallas, TX) is the fiery redhead from Dallas known as ‘The Red Rose of Texas’! An international award winning performer and costume designer, she’s garnered accolades such as ‘Most Classic’, ‘Biggest Tease’ and several crowns including 2014’s ‘Evil Queen of Burlesque’. She is the master seamstress behind the dazzling costumes of Red Rose Regalia, which are worn and coveted by performers all over the world. A proud US Army Military Police Veteran, she has long been a fan of pin up history and is now an accomplished model herself with her photographs on the covers and pages of Bachelor Pad, Pin Curl Magazine, Delicious Dolls and more.