It’s Burlesque!

House of Blues
8:00pm (Doors at 7pm) and 11pm (Door at 10:30pm)

Reserved Seating (tables, single chairs, balcony bench seats) & General Admission (standing room) No flash photography allowed during show.


Master of Ceremonies THE DIVINE DANNY D (Montreal, CANADA) steps off his perch in heaven to bring to you his melodious tones, his charming wit and this sandwich. Hope you like olives. He is the hottest burlesque host in Montreal where he MCs the weekly variety show Voix de Ville as well as many many of the shows at The Wiggle Room. He is also one half of driving force behind the highly successful company, Sitcom Burlesque with his partner Elle Diabloe. Join him as he brings to you the hottest shows in his truly intoxicating manner. By the end not only will you be glad you came, you’ll want to move in and never leave. That’s ok, he brought plenty of sleeping bags and a bunch of marshmallows. See you in your dreams!
HONEY LUSTRE (Montreal, Quebec,Canada) Despite being new as can bee to the Montreal burlesque scene, this little queen has been working hard and hustling up a buzz off-stage. You better beehive yourself, because she’s a sweet and sticky little treat with a penchant for puns and getting low (on the glycemic index). Performing is her nectar of life, in fact, she can barely comb-tain her excitement when that spotlight hits. Don’t be fooled by those golden curls, she’s a threatening performer three times over that you can’t help pollen in love with.
FAIRY FLOSS (Montreal, Quebec,Canada) grew up on a farm in a small village Nothern Quebec, her father found her too frail to work on the farm, so she spent all her time with her seamtress mother, who introduce her to theater, music, dance and visual art. At the age of 16 she moved in Montreal to studied musical theater and artistic makeup. Montreal the city where she discovered burlesque!
MIKA ROMANTIC (Philadelphia, PA) is an international, multi-award winning burlesque entertainer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  Romantic has entertained from Toronto to New Orleans, Las Vegas to London and many more. She was named one of the sexiest acts to follow on Instagram by GQ Magazine in the London Burlesque Festival in 2015 and was voted “SPLOOSH” of the year at the 2016 Golden Tassel Jawn Awards in Philadelphia, PA. Romantic is artistic director of Lehigh Valley based classic burlesque troupe, The Looking Glass Revue and star of their short film documentary, “Small Town Diamonds”, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017.
VIOLET D’VINE (Hot Springs, AK) is a vivacious performer who hails from a little town in the beautiful Valley of the Vapors also known as Hot Springs, where the only thing hotter than the water are the women. She is a founding member of Arkansas’ premier burlesque troupe the Foul Play Cabaret.

THE FOXY LEXXI (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) Prepare to fall in love Foxy Lexxi , beautiful bombshell of Montreal is the epitome of elegance and sensuality . The Foxy Lexxi and its ebony charms have pardoned the boards of many bars and North American theaters, and performed with several burlesque icons. His experience it felt at first glance.

RENÉE REBELLE (Philadelphia, PA) began her career as a classically trained ballet dancer. She has performed in jazz, modern, and contemporary ballet productions. Mz. Rebelle’s theatrical training and insurgent spirit led her to the world of cabaret in 2011. As a striptease artist, she delights in creating both glamorous classical and innovative neoclassical works. Rebelle is a fire starter in Philly’s premier burlesque venues. She has brought her own style of heat to cities around the world! This year she competed in the Texas Burlesque Festival, performed in the Prague Burlesque Festival, and won first place in the 2017 Kansas City Burlesque Festival.
FELIX ELIXIR (Lafayette, LA) is known for being “a little bit extra” in every aspect of her performance.  She is a classically trained performer with experience in ballet, modern dance, and theater.  Her acts are full of surprises and often include comedy and slapstick.  In 2013 Felix was a co-founder for Boom! Boom! Burlesque in Lafayette, Louisiana and currently acts as a producer and director for Boom! productions.  Fe also designs custom costumes for burlesque, belly dance, and other performance artists.
RANDI ROUGE (Ottawa, ON, CANADA) Known as “the hip-swinging fox with the fiery locks,” Randi Rouge is a burlesque instructor, performer and model from Ottawa. She is part of the House of Tease, working closely with Capital Tease. Randi has performed in the Montreal and Ottawa Burlesque Festivals, as well as shows in Toronto and Kingston. She is known for her contagious energy on stage and off!!
ROSIE CHEEKS (New York, NY) is a burlesque performer, go-go dancer, and pin-up model based in New York City. In NYC she’s brought her dynamic, vivacious stylings to The Slipper Room, Nurse Bettie, Dances of Vice and as a 2 year resident performer at Hotel Chantelle. She has also managed Dances of Vice events. Rosie is a featured performer at The Burlesque Show, a weekly production at The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. She is a co-founder of Twirly Whirly Burly-Q, that tours the US in the spring and fall.
DINAH MIGHT (London, UK) Dynamite by Name, Explosive by Nature. The Striptease Sex Bomb will blow your mind with her naughty, sexy, playful attitude that will take you on a journey of seduction and tease.  Dinah Might began her professional stripping career in 24 years ago and is a lover of the art form of Striptease.
DUCHESS deBERRY (Auckland, New Zealand) is New Zealand’s premier export. Having extensively toured the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and USA during 2015 and 2016, the Duchess is now based at the exclusive Las Vegas Club in Auckland, where she has performed noted guests, including Quentin Tarantino. She was awarded Favourite Show Stopping Moment & the International Recognition Award at the NZ Burlesque Festival Golden Garter Awards and has been invited to perform at the Australian & Perth Burlesque Festivals, and the New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2015 & 2016, as well as private shows as far away as the Greek Islands. Known as the Antipodean Temptress, Duchess deBerry intends to continue her plans for world domination, going wherever the boobs, booze and business class travel take her.