Queen of Burlesque

The Civic Theatre 510 O’Keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA 70113  (504) 272-0865
Showtime 8:00pm, doors at 7:00pm *Show Starts Promptly*
This showcase accompanied entirely by a live traditional jazz band!
Reserved seating. No photography allowed during the show.


The Queen of Burlesque is a competition among the world’s sexiest, talented, and glamorous burlesque dancers. Focused on classic and traditional burlesque, each contestant performs a striptease with the accompaniment of a live traditional jazz band. A panel of celebrity judges selects the title-holder, who will be crowned by Queen of Burlesque 2017, Raquel Reed.

The Queen of Burlesque is produced by Rick Delaup. The bandleader is Greg Agid.

Master of Ceremonies Dr. Sick (New Orleans, LA) Singer. Composer. Multi-Instrumentalist. Producer. Artist. These 5 attributes describe the reputation of Dr. Sick from the perspective of the international music community. In the burlesque community, however, you might come across slightly different descriptions. Big Mouth. Sleaze Bag. Drunkard. Recently Acquitted. Stripper. Put’em all together and you’ve got the makings of a natural showman. That, or a musical about Capital Hill.

The facts remain, Dr. Sick has performed in 47 states and 13 countries spanning from North America to South East Asia to Europe, with several bands, troupes, films, carnivals or just solo, all over the last 14 years. Known for his quick wit and prowess on the violin, he’s currently one of the lead singers with platinum album selling Squirrel Nut Zippers, of early 1990’s fame. He joined the Zippers revival 3 years ago, led by the band’s founder Jimbo Mathus. Jimbo and Sick co-wrote and produced the latest album by SNZ, aptly titled Beasts of Burgundy, which musically is equal parts circus, burlesque, and a love letter the the city that care forgot, New Orleans, Louisiana. A resident of New Orleans on and off since 2001, Dr. Sick can be seen frequently playing jazz or announcing shows in and around the French Quarter, and has even been the featured guest announcer at Bustout Burlesque, which led to him becoming the original announcer for Bad Girls of Burlesque in 2014.
PERFORMANCE BY QUEEN OF BURLESQUE 2017, RAQUEL REED (Las Vegas, NV)  is an world-renowned showgirl who’s success has led her to perform internationally from Singapore to New Zealand.  You can find her performing regularly in Absinthe at Caesars Palace. She is best known for her exotic look, killer curves, and an unreal presence. She also runs her own eyelash line called Wink My Way.

Miss Miranda (Los Angeles) Born and raised in London but now hailing from Los Angeles, California, Miranda is the great, great, great niece of J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan and an
Art graduate as well as a full time performer and globally published model. A truly international performer with over ten years experience performing burlesque around the globe, she has graced stages in ten countries across five continents. Since relocating to Los Angeles she has modelled for Playboy and Dita Von Teese Lingerie and is a core cast member of LA’s prestigious Tease If You Please burlesque show.
Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière (Montreal, Quebec , Canada) Miss Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière is Montreal’s answer to real royalty. This stripping sensation from the Mohawk nation has been performing her brand of balls to the wall burlesque for well over a decade. She is an internationally recognized performer who has shimmied her way across the stages of New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York, Texas, Detroit, and Chicago.
Donna Hood (Los Angeles, CA) produces the bi-weekly show “TEASE, if you please!” that currently runs at the Globe Theater in Downtown LA., as well as its sister show “The Scarlet Hour” currently running in Hollywood, CA. She has won such titles as Miss Viva Las Vegas, and performs worldwide.
Jessabelle Thunder (Los Angeles, CA) has been performing since 2009. The once self-proclaimed wallflower has been captivating audiences all over the world from her hometown of Los Angeles to New York to London and more. She’s known for her powerful shimmies, her musicality and her ability to connect with her audience, making them feel her passion and joy as she glides across the stage and creating the sense that they’re the only ones in the room. In her years of performing Jessabelle has competed for Queen of Burlesque at BHOF (twice) and Queen of NOLA Fest, she’s also been a featured performer at many festivals and performed in Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray show. She continues bringing the Thunder wherever she goes.
Aria Delanoche (Chicago, IL) Enigmatic, energetic, and deeply sensual, Aria is a force to be reckoned with. Her performances, while diverse in style, are always guided by an elevated visual sensibility (a trait informed by years of fashion styling and photography) and a flair for the dramatic. A Chicago-born stage queen based in Montreal, Aria is a member of the Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow and producer of monthly burlesque benefit Feel Good Fridays. She is a well-traveled showgirl, spreading her glittery glory from Buffalo to Bucharest.
Minouche Von Marabou (Zurich, Switzerland) Switzerland’s most eclectic ecdysiast celebrated her debut back in 2011. Besides dance training including belly dance, ballet, tap dance, authentic jazz and Argentine Tango she has a master degree in theatre costume design. Travelling and performing on an international level she has delighted audiences in Berlin, Stockholm, London, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Prague, Zurich, Rome, Warsaw, Milan, Hamburg, Geneva, Amsterdam and Las Vegas. Exuding glamour and erotism, she captivates the viewer with her mesmerizing charisma, breathtakingly detailed costumes and intoxicating performances. Enjoy her seductive and subtle illusions full of spell binding sensuality and voluptuousness! This Beast Next Door will let you wanting for more!
Lucy Furr (Tulsa, OK) is known as the “fallen angel of burlesque” and is the producer of The Diamond Devil Revue in Lafayette, LA. Having recent  packed up her pasties and moved to Tulsa, OK, this fiery, redheaded bombshell is known for her vivacious performances and has delivered temptation to audiences across the United States. She was crowned Master of Assels at the 2016 Louisiana BurlyPicks in New Orleans, LA and 1st Runner Up at 2018 Kansas City Burlesque Festival.
Angie Z (New Orleans. LA) Angie Z is a member of the Bad Girls of Burlesque show that runs bimonthly at House of Blues New Orleans.