Queen’s Ball

House of Blues
11pm (Door at 10:30pm)

General Admission, standing room only. Limited reserved seating at an additional cost. No flash photography allowed during show.


Mistress of Ceremonies GOGO MCGREGOR (New Orleans, LA) is known nationally for her gorgeous feather fan dancing, as well as her death defying Bed of Nails act! She has toured the country with such acts as The 999 Eyes Freakshow & Sideshow (Austin), Beggars Carnivale (St. Louis), The Show Me Burlesque Tour, and The VagaBandits (New Orleans). GoGo mixes the class of old Burlesque with the fun and excitement of the Circus & Sideshow. She’s won such awards as “Best Burlesque Performance” St. Louis 2010 River Front Times, was named champion of the national Shimmy Showdown 2010 and voted #32 in “Top 50 Burlesque Performers in the World” 2011 (21st Century Burlesque). Besides Burlesque and Sideshow, GoGo is also a stunning emcee, pin up model, Vaudevillian and seamstress.
LOU LOU LA DUCHESSE DE RIERE (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) Miss Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière is Montreal’s answer to real royalty. Of Mohawk descent and one of the only first nations dancers in the biz, this knife-throwing, Martini-downing, sharp-shooting seductress has performed her hot brand of balls-to-the-wall burlesque all over North America, and despite her girlish demeanor, has over 15 years of singing, acting and rump shakin’ under her tiny garter belt. It’s time to practice your curtsies and bows, because Miss LouLou is here to show you that there’s no such thing as a Cherokee princess, but there IS such a thing as a Mohawk Duchess.
AGATHA FRISKY (Australia) Described as the (other) Wonder from Down Under, this stripping gypsy is venturing out into the wide world, naked and ribbed for your pleasure. This bewitching bearcat brings 2 parts sex, 1 part sauce and a splash of kook to create a heady cocktail that will steal your wits. Of all the gin-joints in all the world, you’ve just walked into hers
BLAZE (Dallas, TX)  is the fiery redhead known as ‘The Red Rose of Texas’. Since starting her burlesque career in 2011 she’s been honored with titles such as: ’Queen’ – 2011 Great Southern Exposure Festival, ‘Future Legend of Burlesque – 2012 Dallas Burlesque Festival, ‘Best Costume’ – 2013/14 Caribbean Burlesque Festival, ’Most Classic’ – 2014 Great Burlesque Exposition, ’Hottest Body’ – 2014/15 Dallas Burlesque Festival, ’Best Costume’ – 2014/15 Texas Burlesque Festival, ‘Biggest Tease’ – 2014 San Antonio Burlesque Festival, ’Evil Queen of Burlesque’ – 2014 Texas PeepShow. Offstage Blaze is the creatrix of www.RedRoseRegalia.com and created costumes for performers such as Ginger Valentine (including the one she wore for the 2014 Miss Exotic World competition), the legend Gabriella Maze & many more.
POISON IVORY (Brooklyn, NY) Crowned Miss Starlet Burlesque at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival and winner of the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival’s coveted Crystal Corset Award, Poison Ivory is a New York based burlesque performer who has begun to make her mark on the national burlesque scene. With a background in theater and dance, Ivory’s combination of thoughtful musicality,  sultry expression and sensual movements always leaves her audience wanting more. She is brown sugar and spice; she is a deadly device. (Pronounced I-vo-ree, Like the soap.)
FEMME BRULEE (Boston, MA) Femme Brulée has been seen across the country diving into cakes, breaking out of eggshells, leading a chorus line of tap-dancing lobsters, and morphing into a human ice cream sundae. She is the founder and choreographer of the Glitter Bombs (Boston’s Premier Strip Hop Troupe) and is a co-producer at Sparkletown Productions, where she masterminds sell-out, off-beat burlesque shows. Ms. Brulée has performed in the holiday burlesque spectacular, The Slutcracker, for seven years, and has appeared in many burlesques shows from coast to coast. Femme Brulée has had the honor of winning “Most Beautiful” at the Great Burlesque Exposition of 2013, and performing at Fierce! and the Show-Me Burlesque Festival. This August, she is thrilled to be co-producing Alterna-TEASE: The New England Neo-Burlesque Festival for the third year in Boston.
SAPPHIRE JONES (Brooklyn, NY) Sapphire Jones has been gracing and grinding the stages of New York since 2008. She is a sweet, sassy, and sexy burlesque dancer with a flare for the comedic, having even been called the “Lucille Ball” of burlesque. Sapphire has performed up and down the east coast, been a UFC magazine centerfold and got the ultimate glory when briefly mentioned by Charles Isherwood in the NY Times. She has been performing with her amazing Wasabassco Burlesque family since 2008, started hosting shows with Union Hall in 2010 and is now the regular monthly host at City Winery NYC. She can be seen at venues such as The Bell House, City Winery, Bathtub Gin and any establishment that serves a nice chilled glass of white wine.
RASA VITALIA (San Francisco, CA) is a hot, award-winning dance performer, vocalist, songwriter, and performance artist and one of America’s most highly regarded popular solo entertainers.  She performs to her own world music & EDM songs in a variety of shows. Her mad shake appeal will inspire and set our hearts and stage on fire! It’s an experience you will never forget! She’s on tour!
BETSY BOTTOM DOLLAR (Victoria, CANADA) Armed with a powerhouse personality and devastating vocals, Betsy Bottom Dollar is a force to be reckoned with. She has been entertaining admiring fans for over 35 years and for the last 7 years has been touring with the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue as a performer, producer, choreographer, and co-emcee. A splash of diva, a smash of drag-queen, and a crash of heavy metal; she’s a woman who will give you her 2 cents… whether you want it or not.
VALENTINA (San Diego, CA) This versatile, vivacious, vaudevillian vixen, Valentina dazzles audiences around the world with her unique vision of circus dance fusion. Sharing her magic in both performance and workshops is her passion and drive. Valentina is a second generation belly dancer who was raised in the Los Angeles underground art scene by her mother, Leela, a successful theatrical belly dance icon. Valentina now blends belly dance with hooping, fire, burlesque, snake charming and aerial Lyra. Her ability to seamlessly combine these dance forms gives her a provocative style unlike any other. She is the leader of The Hoop Unit, a hoop fabricator and an event producer.
MISS MIRANDA (Los Angeles, CA) the British bombshell and fetish femme fatale! Born and raised in London but now hailing from Los Angeles, California, Miss Miranda is the great, great, great niece of J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan and an Art graduate as well as a full time performer and internationally published model. With over ten years experience performing burlesque around the globe, she now models regularly for Playboy, and is a fixture of the Los Angeles burlesque and fetish scene.